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Affiliate marketing, or the concept of getting paid to sell someone else’s products, is an easy and accessible entry point into the world of online profits. Because it’s such a popular way to get started in Internet marketing, there is a lot of interest online in learning the ins and outs of success in affiliate marketing.


But just because there is a lot of information available online does not mean that most people who try affiliate marketing succeed at it. Rather, most people fail and quit trying before they even have a real chance of success.


The most common reason for failure is lack of understanding of the principles of successful affiliate marketing.


Don’t be one of the statistics. The information you learn in “Affiliate Wealth Domination” will show you what you need to know to succeed in this competitive but highly lucrative area of Internet marketing.


This video set includes 42 minutes of video training on affiliate marketing and 66 minutes of training on traffic generation.


Do you have what it takes to be a super affiliate, to go from making just a few dollars to quitting your day job and achieving true financial independence?


If you’re not sure, but you’re ready to learn how, download “Affiliate Wealth Domination” and start putting the lessons in the practice.


Affiliates who are super successful are not smarter than you or me – they just know what to do. Get your hands on the same tools they use and watch your affiliate sales take off!


We all know that the money truly is in the list so why not give yourself and your customers a full autopilot lead generation system needed to pull cash in like crazy. With this unique and powerful System you can quickly profit in 5 different ways.

Profit Center #1: Learn To Be A Super Affiliate

Implement what you learn from the training that teaches you how to be a super affiliate. Discover how to setup a quality squeeze page funnel from scratch and follow along to the 60 minute video which lays out our proven traffic tactics you can leverage for more subscribers.

Profit Center #2: Build Your List With The Template & Offer

We are giving you everything you need to succeed here including the squeeze page template, the high quality giveaway offer, and the training you need to set it up quickly and easily. We also go in depth on traffic methods you can use to generate more leads. Also, use the follow up emails to build a good relationship with your list and profit on autopilot!

Profit Center #3: Sell The Training Alone

You can sell the Affiliate Wealth Domination Training, the traffic training, and the squeeze page setup training as a stand alone product. There is nearly 3 hours of video content here which will bring in top dollar for you!

Profit Center #4: Sell Rights To Squeeze Page System

Similar to what we are doing here in this System you can turn a huge profit by selling a predone squeeze page funnel. You can sell the resell rights or master resell rights (not PLR) to the squeeze page, the video trainings, and graphics! It is another turnkey profit system just waiting to be tapped.

Profit Center #5: Create A Squeeze Page Setup Service

People absolutely love done for you services. I know for a fact because that is one of my larger profit centers. You can cash in quickly by setting up these squeeze page funnels for people.

Plus many other ways you can probably think of to profit from this awesome opportunity.

"Affiliate Wealth Domination - How To Be A Super Affiliate"

Everything You Will Get Inside This Huge Private Label Rights Package

1) Professionally Designed Squeeze Page & Graphics

Save yourself the hassle of paying someone to create graphics for you or to write your own squeeze page sales copy. We know how to get conversions online so this is one less issue for you to worry about!

2) Ready To Go Thank You Page & Download Page

Everything is ready for you to just upload and incorporate into your autoresponder of choice. You don't need to create any other templates. Everything you need to get your subscribers their freebie is ready for you right out of the box!

3) Guru Created Video Training

In this main Affiliate Wealth Domination training which covers 42 minutes and 33 seconds you will:

Uncover The Traits You Need to Stop Being Part of the 95% That Fail at Affiliate Marketing and Finally Become Part of the Elite 5% That Dominate Your Niche Market!

Discover what super affiliates are and how you can be one too.

Learn why being a super affiliate is one of the best business
models you can start online.

Also inside this training you will uncover the top 10 secret super affiliate strategies! Some of the things you will discover include:

- The super affiliate mindset.
- What thing super affiliates invest in.
- How super affiliates think.
- What super affiliates give that underachieving affiliates don't.
- Super Affiliates are not afraid to ___________.
- Plus much more!

4) 7 Ready To Go Follow Up Email Sequences

You have the right to use these follow up emails however you see fit. You can use them to build relationships with your subscribers on autopilot and sell them affiliate offers as well. This gives you true autopilot, set and forget profits!

They could also easily be turned into blog posts or articles for syndication and traffic generation online.

5) Squeeze Page Setup Training

Nearly a full hour of "look over the shoulder" step-by-step training on how to setup your squeeze page system from scratch! It even shows you how to move content into a blank squeeze page template if you ever need to know this for the future.

Also, you will find out just how to setup a thank you page and download page so you can get the whole funnel going!

6) Traffic Generation for List Building Training

In this 66 minute video you will walk through the traffic process that I go through to build up my email list starting from scratch. Learn several different traffic strategies that you can start applying today to see more subscribers. Remember, more subscribers means more money for you!

7) PowerPoint Templates

You also get the PowerPoint templates that go right along with the Affiliate Wealth Domination training so you can quickly rerecord the video into your own voice, edit the slides how you want, and more.

8) Bonus Squeeze Page System

You also will get a bonus squeeze page system which includes a high converting squeeze page and another great free giveaway offer. This offer is a report. This squeeze page consistently converts at almost 45% with targeted web traffic.




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