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Dear Marketer,

TThere’s really no question that creating and distributing articles will help you generate a ton of back links, improve your search engine rankings, generate more traffic and make you more money online.

Too bad writing articles can be a gigantic pain in the ass.

... yes creating your own articles from scratch can be EXTREMELY PAINFUL.

If you're doing it ALL by yourself, you could dedicate hours, days, or even longer to write your own articles.

Now, some would say, "Hire it out"... bring in some outsource authors and just pull the puppet strings and let THEM do all this hard work for you.

Great strategy — expensive strategy — but great when it works right, and assuming you have cash to burn.

I mean… to get a "quality" "readable" article you’d probably spend $5 to $10 to have the each article written.

Others would say "why not use PLR (private label right) articles?"

But there's a RUB here, too. Ever hear about the "Duplicate Content Penalty" and the "Google Sandbox?" Yep, using PLR articles runs the risk that your sites get moved to the Google pergatory... never to be seen.

So how can you solve this problem?

Actually, it is very easy:

Use spin ready articles to create hundreds of unique articles with the click of a button!

By using these special articles that are in spin format (spin ready articles), you can pump out hundreds or even thousands of articles that are unique in Google’s eyes.

That means that you don’t have to FEAR Google’s duplicate content penalty.

What exactly is a spin-ready article?

It is an article that is written in a specific spin syntax, giving different sentence and word variations so that you can spin it to create multiple unique articles.

Let me show you an example:

Here is the regular sentence:

This is what a spun sentence looks like.

Here is the same sentence in spin-ready format:

{This is|This is an example of|Here is|Here is an example of} {just what|exactly what|what} a {pre-spun|spinnable|spun} sentence {would look|might look|looks} {like after it’s spun|like once it has been spun|like}.

And when you put this spun sentence in a spinner you would get 100′s of different versions of that sentence. For example:

Version 1:

Here is just what a pre-spun sentence might look like once it has been spun.

Version 2:

This is an example of exactly what a spinnable sentence would look like after it’s spun.

You can see that each sentence is different, but each still have the same meaning.

This means that a well spun article can produce thousands of unique articles! The better it is spun, the higher the uniqueness % of your articles will be and the MORE unique articles you are able to generate.

Whether you write articles yourself or use PLR content to fill out your sites and blogs this software is going to make a massive difference to you.

Spinner Pro Software is a suite of TWO brand new software products that make writing spinnable articles or turning existing PLR content into unique spun content a breeze.

Power Tool #1: ”Spin Writer Pro”

Spin Writer Pro gives you the perfect blend of the speed of auto spinning with the quality output associated with manual writing.

So what is it?

It’s a specially designed editing tool with synonym look up that can generate spyntax as you go.

This means you can put the spin variations in as you write and when you’re done push a button and produce loads of unique versions of the same article.

In the time it takes you to do one article you are getting twenty, fifty or even a hundred unique spun versions.

And this isn't limited to writing your own articles...

Most of us have hard drive full of PLR content that we rarely use because its not unique and if you run it through an auto-spinner the results are dubious at best.

With Spinner Pro Software you can quickly zip through any article, highlight words and drop in suitable synonyms in spyntax format.

You can save your spinnable version with its spyntax in place (suitable for direct uploading to sites and services that spin for you, or push a button and use the built in spin generator to create multiple spun variations on the spot.

Its so quick and easy to use!

If you can use a basic wordprocessor or editor (like notepad) you'll find using Spinner Pro Software childs play.

Spinner Pro Writer Screenshot

Check out the exciting features:

  • Massive Synonym Library Built in: Highlight a word and the software suggests suitable spinnable words.
  • Builds the spyntax for you. Choose your synonyms and push a button and the spin code is put straight into your article automatically.
  • Built in article spinner. Just tell Spin Writer how many versions of your article you want and push a button. It really is that simple!
  • Nested Spyntax support. Unlike many other spin tools, Spinner Pro Software supports nested spyntax (with no limit on how many levels deep). This level of power is usually only found in high-end spinning solutions.
  • Full Spell Checker. Just like a word processor you can spell check your document at the push of a button. Don't risk sending out articles with silly spelling mistakes?

Power Tool #2 – “Easy Auto Spinner”

Although I recommend that you create all your spun content using the power of Spin Writer, there are times when you just need to quickly pump out some variations of PLR articles quickly and without any manual editing. So included in the Spinner Pro Software Suite is ‘Easy Auto Spinner’.

Easy Auto Spinner Screenshot

Just give Easy Auto Spinner a folder that contains PLR text files and an output folder for the spun content, decide how unique you want it to make the content and click a button.

Just minutes later you will have fresh, unique versions of those articles ready for use.The PLR text files don't have to have any spyntax or special codes in them, they are just plain old regularPLR text files.

Easy Auto Spinner will spit out spun versions using one of two methods (or it can use both methods at once). And each time you run Easy Auto Spinner on a folder it will produce different spun content.

  • No 'spyntax' needed. Just feed in plain text files and Easy Auto Spinner does the rest.
  • Extensive Synonym List: The program has an extensive but sensible synonym list. Although no fully automatic system is going to be perfect these synonyms have been carefully selected so you are less likely to end up with jibberish sentences.
  • Two reliable spinning methods. Use either or both. And the settings are a doddle, just adjust a couple of simple slide controls and check a tick box or two. It's just so easy!

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As you can see, everything you need to begin grabbing mind boggling amounts of ultra targeted traffic and buyers is here for you... starting as soon as today (yes, TODAY) -- it's all right here for you now.

But that's not all either... when you act right now...

Bonus #1: Complete "Quick Start" Tutorial Videos...

Along with the easy to use Spinner Pro Software Suite, I am also including complete step-by-step videos showing you how to set up and use each piece of software, specially chosen to help you create more articles and generate more traffic -- FASTER.


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Once you've seen how qwick and easy it is to create articles, you'll find yourself ready, willing, and able to quickly snag ALL the high profit and free organic traffic -- starting immediately.

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Article Marketing is one of the most vital parts to generating money online and far too many marketers skip this step and wonder WHY they struggle to make money online.

Don't be one of them.

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Ken Swift

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