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Now you can start your very own Tattoo Flash Design Business with these highly sought after tattoo flash design sets. Eight sets comprised of 100's of designs that will fast track you to success in the ever growing tattoo industry. Tattoo's are VERY HOT in today's market. Millions of people seek out tattoo parlors daily to get their favorite designs permanently etched on their skin for self expression, and individuality.

The tattoo industry has never been as popular as it is today. Join the ranks of individuals cashing in on this craze with these quality flash designs. Sell them individually or as a whole it is entirely up to you. Become an expert instantly with these popular designs and rake in cash for years to come!

Each Package Comes Complete With Master Resell Rights
And A complete Website With Graphics

Each Package comes complete with a ready made salespage and download page and all graphics associated with that design package. You have individual Master Resell Rights To each package which means you can sell them individually or sell the as a whole like you see here.

You'll also receive a complete copy of this sales page as well so you can immediately start selling these highly sought after designs from your own website and keep 100% of the profits for each and every sale you make!

What You're Going To Receive Today...


Design Package 1
Colorful Butterflies

Butterflies eCover
Design Sheet

Design Package 2
Dragon Tattoos

Tattoos eCover
Design Sheet 
Example 1

Design Sheet 
Example 2

Design Package 3
Fairies And Angels

Fairies And 
Angels eCover

Design Sheet 

Design Package 4
Japanese Tattoos

Tattoos eCover

Design Sheet 
Example 1

Design Sheet 
Example 2

Design Sheet 
Example 3

Design Package 5
Kanji Tattoos

Kanji Tattoos

Design Sheet 
Example 1

Design Package 6
Religious Tattoos

Tattoos eCover

Design Sheet 

Design Package 7
Star Tattoos

Star Tattoos 

Star Tattoos 
Design Sheet 1

Design Package 8
Tribal Butterflies

Butterflies eCover

Butterflies Design Sheet 1

Design Package 9
213 Tribal Tattoos





Bonus Package 1
Learn How to Tattoo in 12 Easy Steps!


If you've ever thought about becoming a Tattoo Artist and want to find out more about the tattooing business or just want to learn how tattoos are done, this is the eBook for you!

Step 1:  Understanding Your Tools
Step 2:  Learning the Tattoo Machine
Step 3:  Understanding How to Properly Use Needles
Step 4:  Learning About Tattoo Inks
Step 5:  Getting Organized
Step 6:  Working with Tattoo Practice "Skins"
Step 7:  Preparing Yourself and the Client to Tattoo
Step 8:  Making and Applying Tattoo Stencils
Step 9:  Outlining
Step 10:  Shadowing and Shading
Step 11:  What You Need To Do After the Tattoo Session
Step 12:  Setting Up Your Own Tattoo Shop

Bonus Package 2
Got Ink? Tattoo Designs and Guide


Tattoo Designs
Full color photos and tattoo guide
  • 176 pages with 21 sections of 490+ designs.  Includes two bonus sections for Tribal Tattoos and Japanese Characters

  • Informative sections on Getting A Tattoo, Sanitation and Care Of New Tattoos

  • Designs Include:  Alien, Angel, Animal, Asian, Butterfly, Cartoon, Celtic, Clown, Cross, Demon, Devil, Fairy, Flower, Lower Back, Monster, Native American, Pinup, Religious, Skeleton, Sun and Star, Symbol and Tribal


Bonus Package 3
Tattoos Unlimited! Art and Designs



Art and Designs
A great range of tattoos, chinese
lettering and symbols

    One of the Internet's most popular Tattoo books ever
    153 pages of tattoo information with 100s of printable designs in color and blackwork
    Subjects Include:
    • Beginner's Guide to Getting a Tattoo
    • Tattoo Safety Precautions
    • Choosing a Tattoo Parlor
    • Tattoo Care
    • History of Tattoos
    • Designs Include:  Tribal, Celtic, Decorative, Dragons, Assorted Flash, Angels, Butterflies, Floral, Patriotic, Zodiac, Chinese Zodiac and Chinese Characters

Bonus Package 4
Getting Inked


You’re One-Stop Guide to Getting Your First Tattoo!

In this concise, info-packed manual, you get the scoop on what to look out for, what to do ahead of time, what to expect and the process itself.

Including numerous illustrations throughout the Ebook, you get a peak into the world of tattoing.

The author also guides you through and explains everything in an easy-to-understand manner.

Getting Inked! is the perfect guide for anyone looking to get tattooed but are hesitating for any reason.

This Ebook will answer your questions and help you make smart tattoo-related decisions.

Bonus Package 5
Perfect Tattoo!


Everything you need to know about tattoos
is included in this special report:

How to Age a Tattoo
Frequently Asked Questions
Disappearing Tattoos
The Cultural Significance of Tattoos
Cosmetic Tattooing
Choosing a Tattooist
What you Should Know before Getting your First Tattoo
Generational Trends
Understanding Health Risks
And Much More..

Bonus Package 6
Tattoo Designs!


Tattoo Designs and Becoming a Tattoo Artist

Most Comprehensive Guide on Tattoo Designs You Will Ever Read.

Here's just some of what's inside…

* Finding the right tattoo artist.
* Finding an apprenticeship to becoming a tattoo artist.
* Getting to know your tattoo artist.
* Getting tattoos done at a tattoo school.
* Heart tattoo design.
* Where to find tattoo designs.
* Important tips about becoming tattoo artist.
* Angel tattoo design for anyone.
* Choosing the right tattoo design.
* Customized tattoo designs.
* Design consultation for tattoos.
* Tattoo design especially for women.
* Tattoo design online Tips for designing tattoos for clients.
* Tips for tattoo design making.
* Tribute tattoo designs Tips for working with a tattoo artist for your design.
* How to be a successful tattoo artist.
* How to choose a tattoo artist to learn from How to choose the best tattoo design.
* Where to learn to be a tattoo artist.
* Popular tattoos for women.
* Preliminary requirements for a tattoo artist.
* Skull tattoo design aren't new

Bonus Package 7
"Mehndi (Henna) - Learn To Create Your Own Body Paint & Cultural Abstract of Today's Wedding"

Gorgeous Intricate Mehndi Tattoos, Create Your Own Individual Style, Stand Out From The Crowd and Learn Everything About Mehndi In No Time!!

A perfect chance to impress everyone with your own
style and intricate body art.


Bonus Package 8
"You and Your Tattoo What You Need to Know."

Are you considering getting a tattoo but have concerns?

Getting a tattoo is a big decision, one that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Make sure that you know what to look for and expect when you get your new tattoo.

Extra Bonus

A Great large library of tattoo designs!!

226 total designs


Easy to view and print these designs are all provided in jpg and gif format. Resell Rights included (graphics are part of the public domain) and are all provided is conveniently categorized folders:

American Eagle
Arm Bands
Chinese And Chinese Zodiac
Kanji Symbols
Lower Back
Native American Symbols
Nautical Star
Pinup Girls
Shooting Stars

Master Resell Rights Included For All 9 Packages

You Will Receive Complete Websites For Each Package So You Can Easily Sell Each Package and Keep 100% Of The Profits For Yourself!


You Get A Copy Of This Salespage!





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